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Kingsmen launched its first barber shop in the heart of sunny Singapore in 2021, offering up a unique platform for sophisticated luxury grooming for the modern, style-conscious gentleman.

At Kingsmen, we bring back an era where a man’s favourite hangout is the barbershop and his trusted confidante is the man behind the chair. In a world with 101 options, we provide a no-nonsense, no-frills approach to male grooming while sparing no expense when it comes to luxury and comfort.

The limelight is almost always on men to overperform; to overachieve and to provide for those around him. In this never-ending rat race, Kingsmen provides a pit stop for a man to take a breather, freshen up and get back to the hustle with his head and hair held high.

Here, an appointment is more than a haircut. Every bespoke grooming session brings about confidence that simply can’t be bought, reinvigorating our brothers to grab the world by its horns once again.
At Kingsmen, you feel like the man you were born to be.
Welcome home.


Located in the heart of Singapore, a 2mins walk from Raffles place MRT station , Kingsmen gains top points for a fully enjoyable barbering experience. Alongside a reputation for the best cuts in the business, customer service is spot-on,  complimentary drinks  there's free Wi-Fi and the atmosphere is great.

Kingsmen excels in pretty much every type of service, whether you're on the lookout for a sharp scissor cut, brilliant fade (blended perfection, according to the studio; it's their most classic request) or a styling upgrade for your beard (the barbers are on hand to guide you with the best treatment and maintenance).

In keeping with the store's luxurious interior, each member of staff is a highly qualified expert in men's grooming, hairdressing and the art of mastering that all-important fade. The wet shave services are also exceptional.

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